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While working on matters there may be times when you want to make folders private.
A folder that is private will not be visible for people that haven't been explicitly added to that folder and its contents will not appear in any search results.
Any sub folders within that folder will be private too.

Creating a private folder

Just navigate to the 'Files' section of a matter and find the folder that you want to make private (to learn how to use files and folders in general see this article) then click the ellipsis menu " ... " when hovering over the folder row.

A contextual menu will appear and you can choose the 'Privacy' option (see below)

When you do this, a small pop-up window will appear and you can choose the people that you want to add to this folder. By default, no-one is added to the folder - so you can click the 'plus' button to add people from the matter.

You can then select the people that you want to add.
Note: We will always add you to the folder so that you can manage it.

Once you've added all the people that you need you can press 'Save'

Managing a private folder

Private folders will only be visible to the people that have been added to the folder and will have a 'lock' icon next to it to indicate that it is private.

If you click into the folder, you will again see the lock icon in the breadcrumb trail and an indicator showing the number of people added to that folder.

At any time you can click onto that people indicator in the breadcrumb to manage the people on that folder.

Making a private folder public again

All you need to do to make a private folder public again is simply remove the people from it. It will automatically revert to public and available to anyone on the matter.

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