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When can a contract be renewed?

A contract can only be renewed once it has expired.

Who can renew a contract?

A contract can only be renewed by the Contract Owner.

If you have been tasked with renewing the contract and you are not the current owner, you can assign this role to yourself. Go to the Contract Owner field in the Contract Details tab, click the Directory button, then search for and assign the contract to yourself.

How to renew a contract

A contract can be renewed by selecting the Renew Contract option located in the drop-down menu on the right side of the Contract Details tab. This drop-down menu is accessed by clicking the three-dot ellipsis button.

Please note: if you have only just assigned yourself as Contract Owner, you will need to refresh the page to make the ellipsis button appear.

How to adjust the expiration date

Simply click on the Expiry Date displayed on the right side of the Contract Details tab above the ellipsis button and enter the appropriate date.

Please note: you cannot change the expiry date on a contract that is currently in an Executed state. If you attempt to do so you will be prompted to renew the contract.

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