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How to reassign matters when people leave
How to reassign matters when people leave

This article describes how you can globally replace one person with another in the event of changes to your team.

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As team members come and go, Organization Administrators will need to ensure the work assigned to one person can easily be reassigned to another.

Before you start: ensure the new assignee has a LawVu account. If your LawVu account is managed by "Single Sign On" (SSO), check with your IT team to make sure they have created an account for them and that it exists in LawVu.


Go to the directory and find the person that you want to replace. In the screenshot below, that is someone called Caroline Stevens.

Simply click on their name, and when their profile card appears, click Edit.

This takes you to their profile, and from there, look for the Reassignment page on the left and click the Reassign button.

Then, search for the new assignee in the people picker or select them from the 'Recents' list.

If you tick the box that says 'replace...entirely, including as Matter Owner and Matter Manager', the current assignee gets removed as the Matter Owner or Matter Manager on all their active matters, and the new assignee will be reassigned instead.

If you proceed without ticking the box, the current assignee remains the Owner or Manager, and the new assignee is added as a member on all their active matters.

When the Reassignment is finished you can disable the prior assignee's LawVu account by clicking Profile from the menu on the left and then scrolling down to Settings>User status >toggling the button to disabled.

Reassignment also works if a user's account is disabled prior to reassignment. However, we recommend completing the reassignment before disabling their account.

Note: Reassignment works for matters where the user is MO or MM, and also matters where they are just a member.

You can also reassign Owners, Managers, and Members directly from Matter or Contract grids using our bulk reassignment feature.

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