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How to reassign matters when people leave
How to reassign matters when people leave

This article describes how you can globally replace one person with another in the event of changes to your team.

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As team members come and go, you'll want to ensure that the work that was assigned to one person can easily be assigned to another person.

Note: Before you start, ensure the new person has an account in LawVu.
If your LawVu account is managed by 'Single Sign On' (i.e., managed by your internal IT team), ensure they have provisioned the new account and confirm it exists within LawVu.


Go to the directory and find the person that you want to replace - in this screenshot, that is someone called 'Caroline Stevens.'

Click on that person's name, and their profile card will appear - click on 'Edit.'

This will take you to that person's profile, and from there, look for the 'Reassignment' menu on the left and click the 'Reassign' button.

Then simply select the 'new person' from the drop-down list and follow the prompts.

If you tick the box that says 'replace as MM and MO,' the user will be removed as the matter manager or owner, and the new user will be reassigned instead. If you proceed without ticking the box, the current user stays the MM or MO, and the new user gets added as a member on the matter.

When the Reassignment is finished you can disable the 'original person by clicking 'Profile' from the menu on the left and then scrolling down to 'Settings > User status'.

Reassignment also works if the person is already disabled; however, we recommend doing the reassignment before disabling the account.

Note - Reassignment works for matters where the user is MO or MM, and also matters where they are just a member.

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