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Concept of delegates

Example: You may be listed as the manager on a number of matters and want to allow people to work on those for you. Rather than reassigning the matter to that person (and potentially losing visibility over it), you can add team members as delegates so they can work on those matters on your behalf.

How to manage delegates

To manage your delegates, simply access your profile by clicking on the top right of the screen and selecting 'My profile'. From there, navigate to the 'Delegates' section on the left-hand menu and add or remove individuals as needed.

Delegates are added to matters automatically

Upon assigning delegates, they will automatically inherit the delegate owner/manager access every time you are assigned to matters. They will also receive the same notifications that you do and have the same abilities that you have.

You should also see additional actions from the modal where you can tick to update existing work items:

Note that a delegate gets added only to active matters owned or managed by the original user.

Permissions for Delegates

To ensure that your delegates have the same level of access to matters and abilities as you, it's crucial that they are granted the same permissions as you. To review your permissions, navigate to My Profile and select Permissions.

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