Release Notes for 18 November, 2019

Items included in Release 76

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The following items are included in Release 76:

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Enhancing our security by displaying the last login attempt and IP address of each user on the user profile page

  • Where matters and contracts share the same fields, values captured on the matter fields will be included in the contract create modal - saving duplication of data entry

  • Additional activity logs for tasks, conversations, time entries and matter exports

  • Article Manager permission introduced -  allows both Organisation Administrator and In-house Legal roles to create, edit and delete articles and documents from the End User Portal

  • New look and feel for Global Search

  • Parent departments can now be deleted if all child departments have been deleted

  • iCalendar is now syncing

  • A setting to disable the ability to 'cc' in a third party email on conversations has been introduced

  • Error on create modal when uploading more than one file at a time fixed


  • Improvements to the performance of search and file uploads

  • Additional support functionality in the administrative environment to allow for simplified configuration

  • Removal of obsolete code for features/functions that have been decommissioned

  • Row level security applied to various support tables

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