Release Notes for 4 February 2020

List of changes included in Release 81

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The following items are included in Release 81:

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Cosmetic enhancements on the file preview controls

  • Changes made to accounts or configurations in the LawVu Admin environment and Organisation Settings will now appear in the Organisation Activities page

  • Removed (ASAP) from the 'Non Urgent' Priority field

  • When deleting matters with attached deleted contracts bug fixed

  • A contract's current stage is now highlighted in the Contract Approval email notification

  • Disabled fields in a drop down list will not longer appear for selection

  • Ability to create a contract within a matter that has section headers bug fixed

  • Scope 'Accept' button changed to 'Approval'

  • Improvements made to the matter link generation logic in the Article Editor of the End User Portal


  • Additional support functionality in the administrative environment to allow for easier tracking and support of Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Implementation of an HTML sanitizer on various endpoints 

  • Performance improvements to various endpoints 

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