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Why is LawVu slow?
Why is LawVu slow?

We have constant monitoring to alert us to any potential slowdowns in LawVu but if things feel slow for you here are a few things to check.

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If you are experiencing slowness with LawVu, please try the following simple checks first. If the problem persists, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

1. Restart your computer

This is the quickest way to resolve many computer issues. When you use your computer for a long time, it starts to accumulate a lot of temporary data in its memory. This data can include things like browser cookies, cached webpages, and open programs. Over time, this data can start to slow down your computer's performance. Restarting your computer flushes out this temporary data, which can help to improve the performance of websites.

2. Check other websites

Accessing some other websites at the same time will help you to distinguish if your internet connection is generally slow at the moment.

3. VPN Connection

Please check if you use a VPN to access your work network. Your IT Team might have set this up.

If you are on a VPN connection, then access to the internet will potentially be slower as your internet connection travels through your company's servers and then back to you.
If you don't know if you are on a VPN connection, please ask your System Administrator.

LawVu does not require a VPN connection, so please check with your system administrator to see if you can work without one.

4. Check your Internet Speed

Please check your internet speed connection here or

Connection speeds below 20.0 Mbps might indicate a slow connection. If you experience any issues with the above, please ask your IT team for help.

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