Release Notes for 01 July, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 121

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Product Items (All items are WIP and hidden behind a feature switch):

  • The last of our preparatory work around the RFPs feature

  • Some more preparatory work towards introducing New Matter and Contract Member Access Levels

  • Preparatory work for future enablement of bulk deletion of contracts

  • Some bug-fixing in preparation for our G Drive integration - namely stopping it syncing Private Folders

Bug fixes and other features:

  • Restricted contract count included in contracts tab within matter

  • The timestamp on sent/received column in LawVu is showing incorrect date/time

  • Have to refresh page in order to see linked child matter

  • Getting internal error when removing contract admin permission and trying to review contract "my views"

  • Manage knowledge settings is disabled - still can see knowledge management in dashboard

  • An issue on uploading a new version of a file while previewing multiple documents

  • Knowledge Management keeps getting turned off

  • The fees Section not showing other details

  • Update user permissions for a single org

  • Initial app redirection doesn't work

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