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LawVu's platform for integrations with other systems - creating unique solutions which help drive efficiency

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What's an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows a connection between computer programs – so one of your applications can connect to another one to retrieve or hand off data and information.

You are likely to be using them regularly for things like online restaurant reservations, mobile payments, online shopping, and more.

How can my organisation leverage the LawVu API?

Integrations are essential for a legal workspace to save time, improve productivity, and create control and visibility over all your legal team’s work.

If one of LawVu's dozens of “out of the box” integrations doesn't do everything that you need, you can build custom integrations using the LawVu API to create unique solutions that drive further efficiency:

  • Facilitate intake

    Use information from your ERP, HR, CRM, ticketing systems, and other enterprise apps to automatically create matters and contracts in LawVu, ensuring everything that the legal team needs to work on is in their system of record without duplicate data entry.

  • Keep your systems in sync

    If you have another source of truth, like an invoicing or financial system, you can use the LawVu API to keep specific fields up to date and ensure LawVu has the most accurate information for record-keeping, visibility, and reporting.

    You can also populate other systems with information that originates in LawVu, so the people who work in those systems have visibility and access to the information in the systems where they work. All without extra effort.

  • Connect your legal tech
    If you have invested in legal tech point solutions or specialized systems, use the API to capture information in LawVu or send information from LawVu to those applications, enhancing your end-to-end workflows.

  • Future proof your investment

    Your business and the software and processes you use will evolve over time. Choosing a system with a commitment to a robust, reliable API gives you the flexibility you need to meet your needs now and in the future.

Next steps

  1. Visit our Developer Centre to gain a more in-depth understanding of what's possible.

  2. Register for API access and a Developer Sandbox.

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