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Types of Search available in LawVu

LawVu has two types of search:

  1. Standard search (the purpose of this article)

  2. File Content Indexing (FCI search)

Both types allow a user to search:

- Matter and contract name, plus other party names.

- Knowledge base articles and documents.

- Conversations attached to matters or contracts.

- Files within documents, PDFs, or emails attached to a matter or contract.

What sets them apart is the scope of their search abilities. The standard search will find values entered in the search field against matter, contract, file names, titles, subjects, or tags. FCI search expands on this functionality by searching the contents of files, emails, attachments, and conversations.

To read more about FCI, read this article: Unlock the power of Search by using File Content Indexing.

Display your recently viewed items

Use the top global search bar to view the items you've accessed today / in the last week / in the last month, or earlier. To do that, simply click on the search bar:

Quick Search

Run a quick search to display the top 5 matters, contracts, or files that match your query.

Please be aware that there may be a delay between the creation of a matter/contract and its appearance in search results. If you find that your search queries are not producing any results, it is advisable to wait for 5-10 minutes, as this is the time it takes for the indexer to run.

Advanced Search and Filters

From the search bar, click on Advanced Search

Or press ENTER on your keyboard after entering your search query to display the full list of results split by Matters, Matter files, Matter conversations, Contracts, Contract files, Contract conversations, Knowledge, and Knowledge files.

Global Search results include a count so you can see how many results match the term you are using in each category. That means you can go straight to the place with the information you are looking for, in less time and fewer clicks.

You can choose to open the matter or contract in the current tab or in a new one to preserve your search results. Additionally, you can copy the link to the matter or contract, so you can share it with other people as needed.

Filters help you narrow down your results and find exactly what you are looking for and you can apply multiple filters at once.

The filters available for each category are on the left-hand side of the search results. These are:

Matters: Matter Type, Tags

Matter files: Matter, Tags, Include previous file versions

Matter conversations: Matter, Matter type

Contracts: Contract Type, Other Party

Contract files: Contract, Tags, Include previous file versions

Contract conversations: Contract, Contract type

Knowledge: Category, Author, Tags

Knowledge files: Category

In this animation, I am filtering matters that fall under the 'Contracts/Agreements' matter type and are tagged with 'agreement.'

Search results also include the following information:

  • The current state of the matter.

  • The assigned matter owner and manager.

  • Contract Owner.

  • The lifecycle stage of the contract.

You can sort your results in either ascending (oldest to newest) or descending (newest to oldest) order. This functionality greatly simplifies the process of assessing the relevance of your results.


Read this article for valuable tips and guidance on enhancing the accuracy of your search results: How to refine your search

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