You may often need to transfer files or folders between various matters or contracts, whether it's matter to matter, matter to contract, contract to contract or vice-versa.

This short article aims to provide useful information on how to do it effectively.

A. Starting from the matter or contract you want the files or folders attached to, go to the Files tab and click 'Attach files'

B. Browse to find the matter, contract or knowledge category you want the files or folders attached from using the navigation bar. Alternatively, use the search bar to search for a file/ folder name.

In order to see all the files relating to a particular matter, you’ll need to click on that matter, either from the recent list or after searching matters by name. Alternatively, use the same search bar to search for a file name irrespective of the matter name.

The search and recent files functionality are the same for Contracts. Please note that you will also be able to select a Contract document file in addition to any files in the supplementary files tab for that contact record.

C. Simply click on the box to the left of the file or folder and the Attach File button at the bottom will turn teal and attach the files or folders you have selected. To cancel, select Cancel.

For a visual representation of the process, check out this short animated video :

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