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March 2023
Release notes for 14 March, 2023
Release notes for 14 March, 2023
A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 285
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Product enhancements:

  • The wording in the preview panel that Business users see regarding key dates in contracts was changed to accurately reflect their access level.


  • When a contract was sent for signing, and the 'print for signing' option was chosen, a contract couldn't be moved to the 'executed' stage during internal testing.

  • When a contract was in the 'executed' stage, voided and moved to the 'draft' stage, the 'replace' option didn't appear in the ellipsis menu for an internal user until they refreshed their browser.

  • A deleted invoice batch remained visible in the invoice batch view until the internal user refreshed their browser.

  • The information populated in the PO number, cost centre, invoice date, and due date fields only carried over to some of the invoices in a batch if the internal tester manually edited one invoice, so the changes were reflected in the remaining invoices.

  • A user in one organization with a newly created account couldn't create matters.

  • When using the @ symbol to mention a user in a conversation, their initials didn't display correctly in the people picker for an internal user.

  • Business users could be assigned tasks.

  • An Administrator in the client organization couldn't resend the invite they sent to an LSP's first user to establish the relationship between the two orgs in LawVu.

  • In one org, the screen flashed and jumped whenever a contract was in the approval stage.

  • In internal testing, the 'mark as paid' option didn't appear in the invoice preview screen.

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