Release notes for 28 March, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 289

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Product Enhancements:

The Hub

  • We added 'Matters View' and 'Contracts View' widgets so that users can create widgets that allow access to their preferred views without opening the matter or contract modules.

Contract Data Extraction

  • A 'retry extraction' button was added to the extraction panel in the contract extraction modal.

  • The contract data extraction modal and the Contracts grid were changed to inform users if data extraction failed or is in progress.


  • During internal testing of contract data extraction, a user who was part of the Contract Administrator Group but not a contract member, received a notification when the extraction was completed.

  • During contract extraction, a browser refresh was required to see the updates made to fields in the data review modal for an internal user.

  • When an internal tester attempted to edit the 'Matters View' widget in the Hub, small bits of text appeared after the scroll bar and the arrows next to 'My Views' and 'Shared With Me' were pointed in the wrong direction.

  • A view that was renamed in the matter grid was not updated accordingly in the 'Matters View' widget in the Hub.

  • The '+Add' button in the 'Matters View' and 'Contracts View' widgets in the Hub wasn't the correct size, the heading for 'My Views' and 'Shared with me' were too light, and when an internal user hovered over an item, the name displayed in teal.

  • Clicking on highlighting within a document when data was extracted didn't open the corresponding extracted data field.

  • The 'accruals' field was disabled when opening a pending invoice from the notifications list and when switching between 'pending' and 'approved' invoices in the modal during internal testing.

  • The invoice preview panel froze when an internal user edited the 'accruals' field.

  • RFP notifications for all Inhouse legal users were deactivated in one organization.

  • Values in the 'other party' field weren't displayed in the Contracts grid view for users in multiple organizations.

  • For an Inhouse Legal user in one org, the first task added to a matter didn't include their hourly rate.

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