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These Outlook enhancements are now available! If you are already using the add-in, look for a prompt within Outlook to upgrade to the latest version. Otherwise, contact your CSM to learn more.

This article provides a summary of the exciting new features we've introduced to our Outlook add-in.

1. You can now keep the add-in open by pinning it

Access the "LawVu EA" add-in from the Outlook add-in menu in the ribbon. Once logged in, simply pin the add-in open. This feature is designed to save you time and reduce unnecessary clicks while you work.

2. Changes to the initial screen

Once the add-in opens, you'll be able to switch between seeing your recent matters or your recent contracts. These are conveniently grouped based on when you last accessed them. Additionally, you can organize them by owner or manager using the dropdown menu.

You can now create new matters or contracts directly from an email by using the +New button located at the top right corner, mirroring the main LawVu user interface.

3. Select and save multiple emails to LawVu in one go

Introducing an exciting enhancement in our latest LawVu add-in: the ability to save multiple conversation threads or emails to LawVu in one go.

To select the emails you want to save, just hold down the Shift key and click on the last email in the series - then click on the Save icon against the matter for the quickest way to save the emails.

A second option to save the emails is to click inside the matter or contract and then select the folder you want them saved to. You'll have a choice to save all emails in the conversation and/or save future replies and forwards.

4. Quickly see if your emails are already tracked and where

When you select an email from your Outlook, you'll notice at the top of the add-in screen whether it's already tracked in LawVu and where. Clicking on the three dots allows you to either Stop tracking or Open it in LawVu:

If you wish to save and track an email to LawVu after already tracking it elsewhere, you must first stop tracking it from the initial matter you saved it to.

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