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Concept of task templates

Many times you'll find yourself running through the same tasks whenever you're working on a new matter. Task templates allow you to build out a structure of work, complete with attached files, and then save that structure into a library so you can use it later.
Then, whenever you create a new matter, you can load that structure of work (either manually or automatically) - saving you a whole lot of time.

How to save tasks as a template

To save these tasks as a template, just click the 'Save' icon shown here.

A pop-up window will appear and give you a number of options to complete.

Firstly, Give the task template a meaningful name and an optional description, this will help you find it easier later on.

Next, you must choose which tasks to include in the template.
Note: only top-level tasks are shown. If a top-level task has subtasks then they will automatically be included with the top-level task.

Next - you can choose the various Matter Types to associate this task template with. Hold down the CTRL / CMD key to select multiple matter types.

Lastly - you can choose if you want to have this task template automatically loaded whenever new matters of the selected type(s) are created.

How to load a task template

Loading a task manually

After you have created your new matter, just click on the 'Tasks' tab. Once in there, look for the blue button that says 'Add template'.

When you click that, a popup window will appear and you'll be able to search for and filter all of the task list templates in your company account in LawVu.

Once you find the one you want, just click on it. It will expand and load in the various tasks for you to see. Then just click the blue 'Apply template' button and the task template will be added to your matter.

Loading a task template automatically

In the section above you learned how to save task list templates. When you saved the template, if you selected the option to 'Apply template to new matters of this type' - then the task list template will automatically be added to the new matter when it is created.

Managing task templates

At the moment, all task templates are saved against your LawVu account and only your LawVu administrator ('Organisation Admin' role) can access these. 

To access these, just click the Settings icon ('Cog' icon) at the bottom right of the screen - then click onto the Task templates settings.

Currently, you can rename and remove Task templates - but we have a whole new interface in development for which will be a lot more intuitive and provide you with a lot more control going forward.

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