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  • Inviting people to your organisation - User management
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Inviting people to your organisation (User management)

NOTE: You will need to be an administrator to be able to do this

Adding people to your organisation is usually done during the initial setup - but as people come and go then you can manage them in the 'Settings / User management' area of LawVu.

Click on the 'Users' tile and you'll see a screen similar to this below.

You'll see a list of everyone in your organisation and you have the ability to search through them as need be. You'll see their name and role within LawVu - as well as an indicator to show if they have been invited but not yet accepted that invitation.

To add a new person simply click the 'Add person' button at the top right of the screen.

NOTE: If your organisation uses 'Single Sign-On' (very common in larger organisations) then the adding / removing of users will happen by your network administrator.

Enter the details for the new user and assign them an appropriate role.

Roles allow users different level of access and responsibility within LawVu - learn more about the various roles here.

Accepting an invitation

The new user will receive an email from LawVu with an invitation to confirm their account. The email will look like this ...

... and, until the user has confirmed their account and logged in to LawVu, a small 'Invitation' icon will appear next to their name.

If you hover over this icon you will see a tool-tip that shows how long ago the person was invited and you can click on the icon to resend the invitation.

You can continue assigning work to that person while their invitation is unconfirmed.

Using the Directory to connect with other organisations.

One of the main driving forces behind LawVu is its ability to connect people from different organisations to allow them to collaborate on legal matters.

Let's take the scenario that you're part of an in-house team and want to connect to one of your external legal service providers/law firms.

You can do this by navigating to the Directory and clicking the 'Add Organisation' button.

NOTE: You will need to be an Administrator or an In-House legal to be able to do this

NOTE - this looks similar to the user management section as described above - but that is only for managing the team members of your own organisation - not connecting with other organisations.

A pop-up window will appear where you can search for the new organisation.

If it is already in LawVu - then it will appear in your search results and you can connect directly by pressing the 'Invite' button.

However, if the organisation you want to connect with is not in LawVu yet - then you can invite that organisation to join LawVu by clicking the invitation button.

The screen will update and you then just need to confirm the new organisation name and add the first person to it.

That person will receive an email similar to the one above asking them to confirm their account and, as soon as that is done, they will appear in LawVu.

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