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The concept of contract types

The relationship or 'Contract types' to 'Contracts' is very similar to the relationship of 'Matter types' to 'Matters'.

A contract type has initial information that consists of:  

  • Name
  • Category (Sales, Purchasing, Commercial)
  • Description

Once a contract type has been created, we can use that to help streamline contract creation and run reporting against etc.

Creating contract types

Navigate to 'Settings > Contract Management > Contract Types' and click the 'Add Group' button.

Wait .. Why 'Add Group'?

Contract types are stored in groups to make it easier for you to manage them later on.

In the screenshot below you can see I have an existing group set up called 'Non disclosure agreements' and, inside that group, I have 3 contract types ...

Now imagine that we have hundreds of contract types - being able to group them makes a lot of sense.

This way, when we create a new 'Contract' we can start by choosing a group - and then choosing the appropriate type from within that group.

Be aware that contract groups are assigned as a contract type is created. A contract type can be moved to another group, but only by the team at LawVu. Contact the team using the support chat feature to request the change.

Adding a Contract type

Just click the blue 'Add contract type' button and a pop-up will appear.

Just fill in the 'Name' and select the appropriate category and, if you want to, enter a description.
The 'Create' button will appear and you can save the new contract type.

Now that the contract type has been created, you can apply workflow templates to it if you wish.

Please be aware that if you are trying to change a contract type after the contract has been created (e.g. change a contract from an MSA to an NDA), unfortunately, that is not possible. For that to happen, so much has to be changed in the database by a LawVu developer that it's actually much easier and faster to just cancel the contract and start again.

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