When a matter manager is assigned to a matter, the assignee will receive an Action item and have the option to accept or reject the assignment explicitly.


If the assignee accepts, then he will become the matter manager and will be able to continue working on the matter as usual.


If the assignee rejects the assignment, then they will be asked to supply a reason for the rejection.

The person who assigned the matter will be notified of the rejection and they can select another person to act as matter manager.

Note: If the matter was created by a law firm / legal service provider on behalf of one of their clients and no matter manager was assigned, the matter hit 'the client's 'Intake queue' so that it won't slip between the cracks and can be reassigned to another matter manager.

Why do we have this process?

By formalizing this process, we can help to make sure that the matter is getting to the right people, as well as wrap various metrics around this to give you some insight when it comes to reporting.

Matter Administrators also have the capability to review matters that have been assigned to a matter manager but are still pending acceptance. From the All Matters list, add the 'Manager pending' attribute to display in your grid view.

Once the attribute has been added to the grid, select the "check" option to filter and view the breakdown of matters that are pending matter manager acceptance.

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