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How to save and reuse tasks any time you create a new matter.

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You'll often find yourself running through the same tasks whenever you're working on a new matter. Task templates allow you to build a work structure, attach files, and then save that structure so you can use it later. You can load that structure manually or automatically whenever you create a new matter.

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How to save tasks as a template

To save these tasks as a template, just click the 'save' icon shown on the right-hand side of the task grid.

A pop-up window will appear and give you a number of options and steps to complete.

Note: All fields that must be filled in will be highlighted in red on the outside edges.

  1. Name your template. Giving it a meaningful name and an optional description will make it easier to find later.

  2. Choose which tasks to include in the template. You must select at least one. Only top-level tasks are shown. If a task has subtasks, they are automatically included with the top-level task.

  3. If you know that you'll be assigning these tasks to the same people, you can select Include people assignments, and those tasks are automatically assigned to them. You'll then have the option to include any files you attached to the task, as well as any external links.

  4. Select the various matter types you want to be associated with this template. Hold down the 'CTRL / CMD' key to select multiple matter types.

  5. If you tick the box next to Apply template to new matters of this type, this task template will automatically load whenever new matters of the selected type(s) are created.

  6. Click the Save as template button once done.

How to load a task template

Loading a task manually

After you have created your new matter, click on the Tasks tab, and look for the button that says Add template.

A popup window will appear, and you'll be able to search for and filter all of the task list templates in your company account in LawVu. Once you find the one you want, click on it. It will expand and load the various tasks for you to see. Click the Apply Template button to add the task template to your matter.

Loading a task template automatically

In the section above, you learned how to save task list templates. When you saved the template, if you selected the option to Apply template to new matters of this type then the task list template will automatically be added to the new matter when it is created.

How to manage task templates

Currently, all task templates are saved against your LawVu account, and only your LawVu administrator ('Organization Admin' role) can access these.

To access these, click the Settings icon / Matter Management / Task templates and then click Settings.

Once there, you will be able to:

  1. Edit the name of your template.

  2. See the tasks and the name and file type of any attached documents.

  3. View the User assigned to the task.

  4. See who created the template and the date and time of its creation.

  5. Delete the templates you no longer want.

Note: At the moment, there is no option to edit and create the task templates centrally. If you wish to edit a task template, you will have to make the changes within a matter, save it as a new template, and delete the old one. On the other hand, existing matters with the old deleted template in place will remain intact.

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