We realize that people use LawVu for different activities - so we have a nice little feature that lets you choose which page you'll land on once you log in.

To change your landing destination, log in to LawVu and go to My Profile (top right).

From there, scroll down to Settings and you'll see the Landing Page options.

Choose the option you'd like and that's where you'll land next time you log in.

Note: Options here will vary depending on the LawVu products that your organization is using.

It is also worth noting that if you get logged out of LawVu and try to re-login, this will still take you to the last page when you were still logged in and will follow the last URL recorded in the system. For example, if the last page I was in before logging out was Directory ( https://go.lawvu.com/#/people/directory ), then I will still be directed to the Directory when I log in even though I have a different landing page set.

You can clear out the URL, or set up a bookmark to the main login page https://go.lawvu.com - this will allow you to redirect to the landing page you have set in your Profile settings upon logging in.

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