Release Notes 9 March 2020

Includes items in Release 84 and subsequent bug fixes

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Release 84 included a full revamp of the look and feel of LawVu, including the LawVu Home Page with simpler navigation across the application and introduced new features.  

For more information on each of the features visit LawVu 2020 Introduction

New Features introduced:

  • One place for Matters and Contracts

  • New personal navigation structure for tasks and time entries

  • Ability to set your own landing page

  • Ability to share views with other people in your organisation

  • LawVu Home

Fixes included:

  • Ability to scroll on Invoices, Matter and Contract landing grids

  • Tags in Articles

  • Editing file names in the Files tab

  • Filtering free text columns

  • Approval and Third Party invoice buttons can be accessed

  • Cosmetic changes to IE 11 signing in and Articles creation

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