Release notes for the 29 June 2020

Items included in Release 100

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The following items are included in Release 100:

Features and Improvements:

  • Ability to link an Article Category to an article in Knowledge Management

  • Users can now choose to add versions, create copies or skip the upload of duplicate files within a folder

  • Improvements made to relevancy of Search results


  • Enabled the ability for users with delegate owner authority on a matter to void invoices

  • Duplicating a matter no longer creates multiple versions of the matter

  • Re-ordering bugs for task templates and sub-tasks resolved

  • Deleted shared views no longer appear on the recipients side

  • Users who do not have contract manager permissions can still see the relevant content when a shared view is created from All Contracts

  • Placeholders for the department and regions fields are now displayed

  • Purpose, effective date and contract owner fields are no longer duplicated in the Contract Grid views

  • Cosmetic improvements for Grid Filters

Urgent Fixes:

  • Contract renewal notifications content corrected [26 June 2020]

  • Contract grid displays [26 June 2020]

  • Emails no longer sent to disabled users [26 June 2020]

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