Release notes for the 13 December 2020

List of items scheduled to be included in Release 107

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  • Matter Managers now have the option to duplicate matters


  • Amendments for Contracts

  • Add status updates to your contracts

Matters and Contracts:

  • Link to matter or contract from a file in Recents, Home, Dashboard and File Preview

  • Link to matter or contract from LawVu Inbox


  • Revamp of time recording and introduction of time batches for administrators

  • Limited restricted matter and contract reporting available to administrators

  • Child matter count in the grid now has a new pop-over feature which lists the child matters

  • A default role can be chosen for new SSO & JIT users


  • Text on an article button link now saves correctly

  • Users are no longer unnecessarily removed from security groups when roles are changed

  • Matter tags column in grids now displays newly added tags and no longer displays deleted tags

  • Task creation on matter fixed

  • Duplicate file and folder name issue resolved

  • New inhouse legal users are no longer automatically added to the matter administrators security group

  • Linking hyperlinks is now consistent

  • Print preview for contract approvals has been fixed

  • Other Party field values are now showing when exporting a grid to excel

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