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How to receive a Request for Proposal

When a client send outs an RFP, outside counsel will receive an in-app notification within LawVu, as well as an email notification (depending on the user's notification settings), to let them know that a Request for Proposal has been received.

Who will receive the notifications for an RFP?

If an RFP was sent to your organization's intake queue, LSP user's with intake manager access will receive the notification. On the other hand, if the client sends an RFP to a specific person or people within your organization, then the notification will be sent to these specific people only.

You can simply open the RFP by clicking the in-app or email notifications you received, or navigate to the RFP module via the icon in the left menu bar and the list of RFPs will be displayed. The STATE column indicates the current status of their proposals.

New indicates an RFP that has yet to be actioned.
Pending indicates an RFP awaiting the client's decision.
Accepted indicates the client has accepted the terms of the proposal, and the job has been won.
Lost indicates the client has rejected the terms of the proposal and selected another firm for the job.

To examine an RFP in detail simply click the desired one. The RFP opens on the scope tab. Of particular importance is the Response Deadline.

The conversations panel on the right-hand side allows for communication with the client who sent the RFP.

How to submit a response to an RFP

To submit a proposal, click the Proposal tab. Here you can write your detailed response and attach any applicable documents and files.

When your proposal is complete, hit the Submit Proposal button at the bottom.

Once the Proposal has been submitted, the status will change to Pending while it awaits review by the client.

While awaiting review, use the Edit Proposal button to make changes. Any edits will notify the client to review the changes and amend accordingly.

You will be notified by email and within LawVu once a proposal has been accepted by your client. Your organization will now automatically become the Matter Manager, and the Go to Matter button will take you directly to the matter.

The matter will also now appear in your matters grid.

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