Release notes for 28 April, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 205

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  • In the LawVu Add-in for Outlook v2.0, if the matter was on hold/scoping/completed and if the contract was voided/expired/executed, the email thread tracking stopped working. It would have made for a much shorter title to list the scenarios in which the thread tracking actually did work as expected. This has now been greatly improved.

  • Email thread tracking also stopped if the thread was untracked and tracked to another matter/contract. This was something that slipped through testing. We tested stopping and re-tracking email threads to the same matter, but not stopping and re-tracking to a different matter. Humans are a fickle bunch though, and mistakes can happen. Now, if you initially track an email thread against the wrong matter, the Outlook Add-in will not hold this against you forever.

  • Removed a locked value-based conditional threshold for contract approval workflow for an organization. We've introduced the ability to customize value-based approval workflows, by enabling users to delete phases with rules and add new phases as the first phase.

  • The organization admin couldn't change the contract owner. When is a people picker useless? When it won't let you pick any people! Users with the correct permissions for contract ownership were not surfacing when searched for in the people picker. We're all about action at LawVu, so obviously, being able to pick the right people when required is crucial. Now the next time Peter Piper goes to pick a peck of perfect people using the people picker, a peck of perfect people Peter Piper will be able to pick.

  • Filtering on a column in the contract grid displayed an incorrect number of contracts. When it comes to programming, some seemingly straightforward things can cause major headaches. Just mention "timezones" to any developer if you wish to watch a grownup cry. Providing counts is another perfect example. The filters at play in your grids were not always reflected in the count. For example, a saved view might say, "Contracts in the Signing stage - 20" when in fact only 18 matters were visible in the grid. Which one is correct? Are two of my contracts missing? Which count do I trust? And which count do I report on? Are any of my grid views' counts correct? Why did I choose Law? Is it too late in my career to study Modern Dance? To alleviate these kinds of questions, we have cleared up the grid count issue.

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