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The InsideVu - May 2022
The InsideVu - May 2022
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the latest edition of The InsideVu. We’re back with new feature updates and fresh tips so you can work smarter and be even more productive with LawVu.

The InsideVu is here to help our customer community get the most from LawVu. Click here to give your favorite feature a shout-out, and we’ll share the results in our next edition so everyone can benefit.

Kind regards,
The LawVu Team

PS: For a full list of all the features, tips and tricks, check out the previous editions of The InsideVu here in the Help Center.

Search, filter, and find your way fast! 🚀

When you can find what you need fast, you can get your work done faster — and get time back for more important things. That’s why we’ve added these simple but powerful enhancements:

Filter and export activity information

You have told us you need answers to specific questions about the activity history and audit trails for matters, contracts, and account activity. And now you can answer these questions, quickly and easily.

Simply open the activity feed in any space that has it — matters, contracts, your user profile, or your account activity log — and use the grid to sort through a large amount of historical activity data including date, action type, and entity. You can filter and export the generated activity data to Excel, too. You’ll never need to scroll through an activity log again!

Results count for Global Search

Global Search results now include a count so you can see how many results match the term you are using in each category. That means you can go straight to the place that has the information you are looking for, in less time and fewer clicks.

Making the most of matter and contracts grids 📌

Matter and contracts grids are one of the most powerful features of LawVu, making it super easy to organize and access the information you need, answer questions, and generate both ad hoc and standard reports in just a few clicks.

To help you experience the magic of grids, here are three ways you can use them to make extra effort disappear. Abracadabra! 💫

1. Customize your view 👀

You can customize your grid view to make it unique to you, setting it up with the fields that matter the most so you can work more efficiently and generate reports in a snap. Customizing your grid reporting does not change what others see, it is only applicable to you.

Customizing your view is extremely easy. Just click the column icon on the top right-hand side and simply drag the fields you want to include and exclude from your view.

Read more about customizing your grid views here

2. Save your view 💾

Once you have customized them, you can save your views for easy access, so you don’t have to spend time readjusting columns and filtering views again. In fact, you can customize as many times as you like and give each unique view a name for easy identification. Here’s how:

To read more about how to save your reporting views, click here

3. Share or export your view 📤

You can easily share your saved grid views to make the information accessible to other LawVu users. This is super handy when you want to share information about work you’re managing in LawVu, give someone else access to a regular report, or create customized views for other users to access critical information more easily.

Simply click the three dots next to the saved list that you want to share. Add the people that you want to share the report with. Any changes that you make on the report will be seen on their end, too.

To learn more about how to share a saved view, click here.

Sharing views is a great way to help other people get the information and reporting they need. You can also export your views for reporting or other data processing purposes:

  1. Set up the matters or contracts list as required with the columns, sorting, and types of data required for the reporting

  2. Click the export document icon and the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Ta da! 🎩 ✨

If you like these tips or have another one to share with the LawVu community, please let us know by clicking here.

Thanks for reading The InsideVu.

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