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How to access Insights

To access Insights, your Org Admin must switch on this permission for your profile ( or, in the case your organization is using default permissions, for the entire role) :

You will find LawVu Insights available as an option at the bottom of the dashboard list when you go to the Reporting tab. This is a hyperlink and will open a new tab on your computer.

If your LawVu Administrator has disabled the 'View organizational reports' permission for your profile, then you can access Insights directly from the Reporting tab:

After you have logged in, you will see a page similar to the image below, with the report displayed as a file icon. This is known as a workbook. Select the report and start reviewing your work.

You can add a workbook to your Favorites by using the ⭐ symbol from 'Explore'

Reporting visuals explained

Data is refreshed overnight, so any changes made during the day will reflect in the data the following day.

Click on each of these tiles to drill deeper into the metrics. To return to the report, simply select the big return button in the middle of the top navigation bar.

A few definitions :

  • Open Matters: All matters excluding ‘Completed’ and ‘On hold’

  • Overdue Matters: Matter with a due date field that is overdue.

  • Due this Week: Matters with a due date field that are due soon.

  • Avg Risk: Risk field - This is a slider field from 1 - 5.

  • Avg Complexity: Complexity Field - This is a slider field from 1 - 5.

The percentage shown in 'Open matters by Matter type' and 'Department' is a percentage of the top overall open matters as per the image above.


There are two ways to filter your reports. Firstly, by using the selectors at the top of the graphs.

The reports are completely interactive. If you select, for example, a Matter type, the rest of the report will filter to that Matter type. This is the second way to filter.

To unselect an option, simply click on the same bar graph again.

For example, the 'Matters over time is displayed on a linear timeline. You can click on each line to highlight the specific timeline and hover your mouse for a more detailed view:

If you want to drill down deeper into any metrics, you can utilize the table below to filter further and refine them.

In the Matters table below, you can further filter for a more in-depth view. You can also jump straight into a specific matter in LawVu.

Get automated reports to your Inbox

On the top right of the screen, you will have the option to Subscribe. Once you click on it, you will see the following pop-up:

Enter your email, and you should receive the report at the scheduled time.

You can only subscribe to a view, not a filtered view.

Manage your subscriptions

There are two ways to review and manage your subscriptions.

a. When selecting subscriptions from within the report, select the 'Manage subscriptions' button at the bottom left of the modal.

b. On the top right corner, select ‘My content’ and then 'Subscriptions'.

If you wish to unsubscribe from a report, select the ellipses next to the subscription and choose ‘Unsubscribe’.

Save or download a custom view

You can save a custom view by clicking on the 'View Original' icon at the top of the page as per the image below. Enter the name and save it.

To download a view select 'Download' and choose the format you want to download to. Please note the greyed-out boxes are not available.

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