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Common queries regarding user management in LawVu

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As an Administrator, you're the go-to person for overseeing everyone's accounts in the company and making updates when needed.

How do I change a user's email address?

If you ever need to change a user's email address in LawVu, just hit up the Support chat button at the bottom right of this page, and our Support team will take care of it for you!

If your company is using SSO, get in touch with your IT team since user access is entirely managed on your IT site. Once the changes are made there, email updates should automatically take place during login.

How do I update roles and permissions for my users?

Adjusting roles and permissions for your users is essential for ensuring efficiency in their work. Discover how to modify roles, and enable/disable permissions in this article. Managing roles and permissions for your team members

How do I give specific users access to all the matters and contracts in LawVu?

Sometimes you may need to grant a specific group of legal members full access to all matters and contracts in LawVu, irrespective of their membership status in those matters.. To achieve this, you'll need to include these individuals in what are known as Administrator Groups. Check out this article to learn how Give legal users access to all matters and contracts in LawVu

How do I delete a user's account?

In LawVu, you can only disable user accounts; there's no direct option to delete them. Watch this quick animation for a step-by-step guide.

If you mistakenly used the wrong email account, reach out to the Support team, and they'll help you change the email!

For organizations using 'Single Sign-On,' your Network Administrator (IT) handles user removal. Disabling a user means they can't log in anymore, but their records will still be visible for historical purposes, with no access granted.

How do I delegate or reassign a user's records to someone else?

Before you disable someone's account, make sure you reassign their records to someone else so you don't lose access to their data. Check out how in this article How to reassign matters when people leave

Can I tweak users' notifications?

Unfortunately, as an Administrator, you can't alter a user's preferences. For existing users, they're the ones with the power to update their notification settings.

However, you can handle notifications for future users. To do that, head to Settings / Settings / Manage Notifications. This is role-specific.

Learn more about notifications in this article.

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