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Workspace Intelligence
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Who can use this feature?

👤 Clients who are part of the Workspace Intelligence Beta Program with

Organization Admin, In-house Legal, and Contributor licenses

🔑 Needs the 'Full contract access' permission

Workspace intelligence uses the power of AI to help you quickly access the right information in LawVu. It allows you to ask your legal workspace questions using everyday language. LawVu understands these questions and gives relevant results that keyword searches might miss.

This helps you and your legal team get a complete picture of your data in LawVu quickly, without having to run lots of different searches. With more relevant results and better context, you can make faster decisions with less risk.

This feature is currently only available to those clients who are part of the Workspace intelligence Beta Program. If you'd like to be part of this program, reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

How to use it

You can access Workspace Intelligence from anywhere in LawVu, making it convenient for you to search no matter where you are. Simply click the button located at the top right of your screen.

To run your first prompt, either choose from the quick prompts listed in the panel, or type your own prompt and press Enter.

To learn how to draft effective prompts, check out this article: Write better prompts for Workspace Intelligence

How do I know what information Workspace intelligence has used to generate a response?

Where relevant, Workspace intelligence will provide citations in its responses. These are references to the document sources it has used to base its response. You can click on any of the citations to open and review them.

What questions can I ask?

You can ask questions that you’d usually ask a legal assistant. The benefit of using natural language questions is that you're not restricted by keywords.

For example:

  • Queries about what’s needed from you: Why I’m on this matter

  • Queries about your or your team’s work: Find me everything we’re doing with AcceleratedLegal

  • Queries about recent clauses: Show me confidentiality clauses we’ve used recently in services agreements.

  • Queries about internal policies and guidance: What’s our policy say about damage to a work vehicle

To learn how to tailor your searches to get the best results check out this article.

What does Workspace Intelligence search across?

Our initial beta release covers three main areas:

  1. Workspace: search across your matter, contract, and file metadata

  2. Knowledge Base: search the content of your Knowledge files.

  3. Contracts: search for key clauses across contracts you’ve worked on before.

Are there any limitations to be aware of?

Yes. Our initial beta release will support searching for certain files:

  • Contract document (latest version)

  • Knowledge files (latest version)

Will Workspace Intelligence be available to all users in my organization?

In the initial beta release, Workspace Intelligence will be accessible to all users with 'Full contract access' permission. This includes users with Organization Admin, In-house Legal, and Contributor licenses, but not Standard users.

Does Workspace intelligence use OCR?

Yes, Workspace intelligence will have OCR. This means that users can search across PDF and Word (doc/docx) files that do not have searchable text (e.g. your legacy documents).

How long after I upload a file will it be searchable in Workspace intelligence?

Provided the file is supported and is of a supported file type, then it should be searchable in Workspace intelligence after approximately 10-15 minutes. This is to allow Workspace intelligence to process the file (including any OCR that may need to be run).

Is there anything Workspace intelligence cannot search / answer?

Yes, there are some prompts that Workspace intelligence won’t be able to answer. These include giving legal advice and drafting legal documents.

Can I see my past conversations with Workspace intelligence?

Yes. In the top right of the Workspace intelligence panel, there is a Conversation history button, which allows you to view your previous conversations. Each conversation is automatically given a name based on the topic of the conversation.

Does Workspace intelligence hallucinate?

Whilst it is rare, it is possible that Workspace intelligence may generate an inaccurate response or “hallucinate”. The underlying technology is built in a way to reduce the risk of hallucinations, and so this should be rare. Responses from Workspace intelligence must be reviewed by a human before being relied upon or further used. If you receive a response that you think may be a hallucination, please contact our Support team.

Are there any controls over what data or information users will have access to?

Yes. Workspace intelligence honors the same permissions that our Global Search feature does. Which means that users will only be able to search across content and records that they have access to. Content that is deleted is also not searchable.

I’m concerned about data security, is Workspace intelligence private and secure?

Yes and yes. Workspace intelligence utilizes Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. This service is provided from within our secure Azure ecosystem where customer data remains segregated and is not used to train any public models. LawVu operates a company-wide compliance programme that meets global information security and privacy standards, including ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR & CCPA. We are also aligned with the new ISO42001 standard for AI Management Systems and actively pursuing certification.

Due to the sensitive nature of our customers’ use, LawVu has a full exemption from the standard terms allowing Microsoft to monitor use of their Open AI Service.

I didn’t get the answer I was expecting, what should I do?

In order to improve Workspace intelligence, we need your feedback. Which means if you get a response that you weren’t expecting or is incorrect, we need to know about it. You can contact us via the Support chat at the bottom right of your screen.

Take a look at this blog article to learn more about Workspace Intelligence : Move faster, make smarter decisions

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