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Inviting people and organizations into LawVu
Inviting people and organizations into LawVu

How to invite team members or outside counsel into LawVu so you can work collaboratively.

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Inviting people to your organization

NOTE: You will need to be an administrator to be able to do this.

To manage users within your organization, click the Settings icon > User management > Users settings.

You will find a list of everyone in your organization, and you have the ability to search through them as required. Their names and roles within LawVu will be displayed, along with an indicator of whether they have received an invitation but have not yet accepted it.

To add a new user, simply click the +Add person button at the top right of the screen.

NOTE: If your organization uses 'Single Sign-On' (very common in larger organizations), then the task of adding or removing users will be overseen by your network administrator. Any modifications to their name and email address must also be coordinated through the network administrator.

Enter the details for the new user and assign them an appropriate role.

Roles allow users different levels of access and responsibility within LawVu - learn more about the various roles in LawVu here.

Accepting an invitation

The newly added user will receive an email from LawVu with an invitation to confirm their account. Here's a sample of what the email should look like:

Until the user has accepted the invitation and logged in to LawVu, a small 'Invitation' icon will appear next to their name.

From the user management, if you hover over this icon, you will see a tool-tip that shows how long ago the person was invited and you can click on the icon to resend the invitation if needed.

You can continue assigning work to that person while their invitation is unconfirmed.

Export a list of your users

Organization admins can download a list of all the users in the organization to Excel by using the icon located at the top right of the User Management screen.

Prior to downloading the report, they can filter or sort the list by name, email, role, status, department, or when they last logged in.

In the animation below, I have used a filter to display users according to their role and whether their status is either active or invited:

You can also display a list of all disabled users from the ellipsis button:

Using the Directory to connect with other organisations

One of the main driving forces behind LawVu is its ability to connect people from different organisations to allow them to collaborate on legal matters.

Let's take the scenario that you're part of an in-house team and want to connect to one of your external legal service providers. You can get even more value from your LawVu platform by leveraging the power of “LawVu Engage” to streamline collaboration with your outside counsel, law firms, or service providers.

To learn how to add outside counsel to your LawVu platform, click here.

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