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The enhanced LawVu legal workspace
The enhanced LawVu legal workspace explained
The enhanced LawVu legal workspace explained
A detailed description of LawVu's redesigned features
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Our customers are busy in-house legal teams with growing workloads who need to work more efficiently. Over and over again, they tell us that LawVu is reducing admin overheads and freeing up time they can use to focus on more strategic work. We’ve added more features to help them work smarter, faster, and better in LawVu. We call it the next generation of the legal workspace.

The enhanced workspace experience is an upgrade to the user experience in the LawVu legal workspace—new menus and screens that give the people who work in LawVu day in and day out a faster path to the information they need and get through daily tasks and actions they’re using LawVu for even faster. There is largely no change in existing feature functionality—only a better user experience and a better way of using LawVu.

Modern design

LawVu has a brand-new look and feel with its intuitive, flexible, and modern design.

The beautiful UI and more efficient workspace aim to make you more productive and streamline your business’s day-to-day operations.

Refined and simplified

We’ve made improvements to the overall navigation by consolidating items from the top and right toolbar into logical groupings within the main left menu, helping you find the things you are looking for faster and navigate the platform with ease :

Actions and Conversations are now grouped under Inbox, with a numbered red dot over it when there are actions for you to take.

Also, we've made it easier to tell the difference between matters, contracts, to-do's and time entries, splitting them by colors: blue, purple, green, and gray.

Efficient & Productive

The new workspace offers you a fast path to access files, recent work, and parts of the product you commonly use. These can all be accessed from the Hub, your landing page in LawVu ( previously the Dashboard).

The Hub contains an overview of everything you have on the go and lets you see what you have been working on, the items that are waiting for you and require action, and what you've got coming up.

It has widgets for your Recent work, Actions, Matter Activity, To-dos, Planner, Matters view and Contracts view.

Scroll through your recent items list to get to the matters and contracts you are currently working on. Clicking on one of them takes you directly into the respective matter or contract:

Similarly, you can access your recent work with a simple click on the top global search bar. This will display the list of items you've accessed today/in the last week/in the last month, or earlier:


The Hub can be customized to your needs to help you focus on your work. This enables you to choose the most relevant information to be displayed. More widgets are going to be introduced in the future!

To start, click on the 'Organise' button top right of your screen, choosing from Actions, Matter activity, Planner, Recent work, and To-do list:

Select the checkboxes next to each of them to make them visible or uncheck them to hide:

To learn more about the Hub and how to customize it, check this article:

Efficient File Management

You told us you would like to file or retrieve files across many matters quicker, and we listened. We introduced Files to the main menu to make your files and documents easily accessible. This new feature isolates matters or contracts, making search more effective.

Located on your left menu, your Hub - Files view gives you access to your documents and most recent work. The file type icons at the top display the documents you've recently accessed, and below them, you'll find a list of your most recently opened matters and contracts :

Clicking on the matter or contract name doesn't open the details of that matter or contract. Instead, it conveniently takes you to the contract/matters' Files tab, significantly increasing the speed of working with files. No need to open the matter anymore to get to the files you want to work with!

From the Files tab, depending on your work, you can edit the files in Word Online, search inside the Files tab, attach further files or folders, sync them with SharePoint, etc. For a complete guide, check the article Working with files.

Use the search bar at the top to find a specific file that's not in your recent list. Searching by keywords searches all the documents inside your matters or contracts :


We’ve made exciting enhancements to the Calendar, now called Planner, with its own page to see it in richer detail.

The planner draws in due dates from matters, tasks, and to-dos, along with expiry and key dates from contracts. You can use these links to view this week’s schedule, this month’s, and the month ahead and click on each item to open a modal and access the relevant matters, contracts or tasks.

Additionally, you can filter your planner by matters, contracts, tasks, or to-dos to display only the information that interests you. They are grouped by color so that you can easily track them. You can set two or three filters at the same time.

To learn more about the Planner, check this article.


The tasks panel has been completely rethought to display all the applicable information you may want to attach to tasks. The task panel is now accessible from anywhere in the application: the planner widget, planner page, and global task page.

Go to Hub - Tasks to display, in grid format, the tasks assigned to you across all of the matters in LawVu :

You can quickly access, action, and edit their tasks without having to go into the matters themselves by editing them from the tasks grid. Click on the name of the task you want to edit to display the task panel on the right-hand side.

The tasks grid is entirely filterable and sortable, so you can display only the ones that are important to you at that moment.

If you want a local copy of your tasks list, use the Export icon at the top right of the grid to start an Excel download to your local drive.

For more information about tasks in LawVu, click here.

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