The Contract Overview

Contract file and important data fields in one view

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The Contract Overview tab offers a comprehensive view of the contract document, along with all the key information and crucial data associated with it.

The data fields are organized in two accordions:

  • General Information - contains the default and 'Special fields'

  • Contract Details - contains the 'Contract Details' fields

The accordions for General Information and Contract Details remember your activity. So if you open or close them and navigate away, they will stay in the same state for when you return.

The data fields panel can be resized or collapsed entirely so you have more space to view the contract document when needed.

The versions of the contract document are color-coded to help you track them easily. The current version is displayed in green and the previous version is in yellow.

From the toolbar menu, use the available buttons to further work on your contract document:

  • Download - starts the download of a local copy of the contract document on your workstation

  • Replace - replace the existing contract document with a newer version from your workstation.

  • Share - Email the contract document to your inbox or your colleague's email. You can add as many email addresses as you want and optionally type a note.

From the file previewer, you can continue to add tags to organize your contracts under labels to simplify searching and categorization. You can read more about tags in this article.

You can also view the history of the contract document, including all the changes made to it over time. Check the animation below to see how:

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