Creating contracts

Ensure you have the contract contributor permission to add contracts in LawVu. To check your permission, click on your initials on the top-right of the screen, go to 'My profile' and 'Permissions'.

Once you log in to the application, you can easily and quickly create contracts by clicking the '+Add new' icon on the top-right of the screen.

A dialogue window will open and you'll be able to select a 'Contract type'.

Contract Types

Contract types are the foundations of all contracts in LawVu. They can be customised to capture all the information relevant to you. Think of them as a template from which to build a contract.

Read more about contract types here.

You can upload a contract either using 'Add by upload' or 'Add by wizard'. To know more on how to add contracts by a wizard, click here.

Once you have selected the contract type, click on 'Add by upload'. The screen will update and show all the fields that have been set up for the contract type. The last step in creating a contract is adding a contract file to activate the 'create contract' button. Click on 'Create contract' for the contract to be added in LawVu.

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